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Manufacturing Career Opportunities
Exciting things are happening at the Simi Institute. They offer a full line up of courses for machining technology. In addition to the courses they offer, students have the opportunity to test for up to eleven nationally recognized NIMS certificates in subjects ranging from Safety to CNC Machining. If you are considering a career in manufacturing as...
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We are pleased to share that Savage Machining was recently recognized as the Featured Manufacturer by the Made in California Program put on by the California Manufacturing Network (CMTC). Every week CMTC selects a different manufacturer to highlight and recognize. With over 30,000 manufacturers in California, we are honored to be celebrated and a part...
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The Magic of Manufacturing
Manufacturing covers a variety of industries; aerospace, automotive, defense, commercial to space and beyond. No matter what the product is, it began with a need or a dream. Manufacturing is all around us from spaceships to the tiniest brackets and screws. Those who invent and engineer partner with the unsung heroes of manufacturing. These include...
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