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Proudly serving since 1978.


We are committed to meeting and exceeding our customer’s expectations by implementing continuous innovative improvements in all our processes and procedures.



We pride ourselves on our expert technical support and administrative personnel; providing our customers with excellent products and service.


Our quality and reputation is unmatched. For over 30 years we have delivered time and time again when our clients needed it most.


Utilizing the top of the line inspection equipment, software systems, and most accurate equipment, all parts are verified to ensure each piece is precisely fabricated to your specifications.

Savage Machining’s Story

Founded in 1978, Savage Machining, Inc. began milling and turning with a desire to produce products of excellence for reasonable prices. It has been under current ownership since 1990.  This approach to business allowed us to thrive in the midst of the current economic conditions while maintaining excellent relationships with our customers.

We employ the latest machining technology to produce parts for government contracted aerospace companies as well as local commercial companies. Not only is Savage Machining, Inc. well established in the industry, boasting over 30 years, it is a growing company. Just last year Savage Machining, Inc. acquired additional industrial space in order to meet the demands for increased production.  Our knowledgeable and straightforward staff, continue to provide our customers with excellent service.



Not only is Savage Machining, Inc. well established in the industry, boasting over 30 years, it is a growing company.


We provide a full selection of services within the spectrum of CNC milling and turning. Our staff is skilled in producing parts that meet the highest of standards.


Only a few select members of our team quote our clients. Our goal is a quoting process that is quick and straightforward.

Wade Savage


President of Savage Machining, Inc. is a successful business owner of 20 years and has 30 years of industry experience. Under his ownership the company has grown from three employees to nineteen employees. Mr. Savage is an experienced machinist.  He has several machining certifications and a military background.  His mechanical background and machining experience has enabled him to work with customers to overcome engineering problems and perfect products.

Turning your challenges into results for over 30 years.